Minnie Iu

Office Manager & Marketing Specialist

A part of becoming successful in any business is not only to be able to provide good services, but to reach out to the right people and to introduce the relevant services to best suit them. 

It had been a very lucky opportunity for me to be able to join the team as digital marketing specialist and provide just this exact skillset to the team and everyone working with the company, no matter if you are a job seeker or looking to recruit.

Although I may seem young, I have been working in the field of photography and digital promotions for years even during schooling. Alongside work, I am also attending classes for a Masters degree in Marketing. These experiences will hopefully be a factor that contributes to your interest in co-operating with Become, as well as leave a positive remark of our team. 

In my free time, my interest is also in photography. I especially enjoy taking portrait shots of other people. 

Another interest of mine is in learning languages. Since I grew up with an international background, I have since picked up English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and some French and Spanish. I have just started on learning Russian, but I’m looking to expand my knowledge In languages in the future.

My work at Become is very intertwined with both photography and communication. To be able to attend to a job so tightly knitted with my own interests guarantees my passion here!