Oscar Li

Business Manager

I was lucky enough to find a company who believes in what I’ve always believed, the success of creative recruitment lies behind becoming “Glocal”. I’ve always believed that it is important for a company, especially one in the creative industry to have the ability to understand the local culture of their clients and the culture of the clients’ targeted audience, but who also have a global network so that they can keep the clients updated with what their counterparts are doing in different parts of the world.

I helped launch and am running become Hong Kong, who cover perm and freelance placements across all spectrums including but not limited to Account Servicing, Creative, Projects, Planning and Analytics for advertising, branding ,PR and events agencies, multinational 4As sized to mid/small sized local ones. Me myself specialises more towards the advertising space covering both online and offline.

Outside of recruitment, I like playing with my adopted Chihuahua – Rambo. Yes, a Chihuahua. I’m also a drummer of a worse-than-amateur band that I formed with my high school friends who are now at their mid-30s. We play anything from Linkin Park, Nirvana, Radiohead, Greenday, etc. to local legends like Beyond.